Narate Kathong


  • Seller Category: Emerging Artist
  • Location: Thailand
  • Year Born: 1975
  • Experienced professional artist, formally trained in painting and printing arts
  • Finds inspiration in the natural world and from impressionism
  • Practices pointillism, using his own refined technique of paint splashing

I hope that everyone is more aware and turns towards preserving nature for future generations. When there is nature there is mankind, and when there is mankind there is nature. Humans and nature, we depend on each other mutually.

Narate Kathong is the youngest of ten children. His parents were farmers and he grew up in a jungle environment in Phayao Province, northern Thailand. His childhood memories of nature are a deep and lasting inspiration for his work.

He studied painting at Rajamangala University of Technology's Phayap Campus in Chiangmai between 1991 and 1993. Narate subsequently studied printing arts at the same universiy's Pohchang campus in Bangkok from 1996 to 1999, then spent a number of years providing drawing services, specialising in commercial arts.

From 2008 Narate moved away from commercial drawing and immersed himself in his inspirations and the development and refinement of his pointillism painting techniques. His inspiration comes from nature and his interest in impressionism. He is strongly influenced by Georges Seurat and Claude Monet.

He initially experimented with shaking and spraying paint onto the canvas with a brush, and spent significant time developing his own splashing technique to control the formation of dots. In 2009 he then began to experiment using his fingers to splash acrylic paint onto the canvas. The combined use of brush and fingers now forms the foundation of his pointilism technique, which has been refined to provide resolution and detail in his work, conveying shadowing and perspective. His artwoks are cheerful and vibrant, and evoke a sense of peace and tranquility, capturing the viewers attention, immersing one in nature.

He has gained attention from art lovers and collectors internationally, and his works have been exhibited at international art exhibitions in Hong Kong, Australia, Taiwan, Malaysia, Korea and China.

Latest Artworks

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  • Raylight
    As low as SGD 18,800.00


    BY Narate Kathong

    Painting • Acrylic on canvas • 250 x 150 x 5cm

  • Bloom 1
    As low as SGD 8,800.00

    Bloom 1

    BY Narate Kathong

    Painting • Acrylic on canvas • 150 x 120 x 5cm

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